Top 5 Hiking Must-Haves

Going on your first big hike? Make sure you’re prepared with this top 5 must-haves checklist. I am referring to the experience I have during my hike to Mt Rinjani.

  1. Sun Screen

Nivea Sun Immediate Protection Moisturising Sun Spray SPF50+ 200 ml

I personally recommend a spray type of sun screen. As you hike, your hands will get dirty and you do not want to contaminate your face. I use this during my hike as I find it non-greasy, high SPF, convenient and 4-hours water resistant. You can learn more about UV protection here.


2. Hiking/trail shoe

Image result for Salomon Women's Ellipse GTX Hiking Shoe

DO invest most on your shoe. A good pair of shoe definitely helps you a lot, in all sense. Bringing your 5 year-old shoe is not a good choice as it might ripped off anytime. Solomon, is one of the leading hiking/trail shoe in the market as it has good grip at the sole. There are brand are Karrimor and North Face in the market which is equally good.

3. Wet Wipes 
Image result

You will need it every moment throughout your hiking trip. ESSENTIAL. You will experience limited water supply and do not have a chance to bath(unless there is a hot spring). My friend bought this from Daiso. It has cooling effect and that is what we need after a long hour hike.

4. Hydration Bladder

Image result

I used a water bottle during my hike.Either water bottle or hydration bladder works.  I personally think hydration bladder get the fame as its convenience. There is no slowing down or stopping to reach for a bottle. You can read more here on the comparison of water bottle and hydration bladder. Amazon, Camelbak, Platypus.

Plus point : Add some electrolytes powder (eg. Gatorade, Nuuns) to avoid dehydration and

5. A Buddy 


One of my hiking buddy. She is well-equipped, you can never get miserable when hiking with her. I do have friend who is a portable pharmacy, he literally brings the first aid and all sorts of medication. As a conclusion, choose your hiking buddy wisely.


Vanessa C


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